A modern take on Pan-Asian dining, the OHNO experience unravels with the night. Combining loud flavours and messing with the classics, we flip the expected on its head. Drop by, split some share plates and pick over our extensive wine list.

Waiting on a table or just after a drink? Head in to our bar and kill some time before you dine. If it’s food you’re after, you can sip, snack and hang about in the company of our house DJs while you wait for a spot, or just snack and drink all night!

Dietary NO-NOs? Totally OK! Common allergens like seafoods, nuts, gluten and MSG are present in our kitchen. For this reason, we can’t always guarantee you an allergen-free meal. But let us know! We’ll see what we can do for you.

We’re located at Manuka Shops, 13 & 15 Flinders Way, Griffith